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Say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to youthful, healthy skin

Protecting your skin from damaging UV rays and getting proper moisturisation are two essential aspects of your anti-aging and anti-wrinkle skincare regime.

Yumi Narasaki

Renowned Beauty Writer

A person’s facial wrinkles are a sure giveaway of their age. Even laugh lines – a reflection of joyous living – are seen as woeful wrinkles or crows feet that need to be banished. How can we restore our youthful complexion whilst accepting that some such as forehead wrinkles or fine lines are a testament to a happy life?



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Some of the leading causes of wrinkles include UV exposure, skin dryness and the loss of collagen and elasticity that come with age. These factors can be mitigated with proper skincare.

We have the best skin when we’re in our twenties. Thereafter, the underlying dermis layers start to thin and lose their elasticity as we age. This is the natural process of aging, where less skin cells are created and renewed. It is also the time when the skin’s production of elastin and collagen – the proteins help maintain skin elasticity and firmness – decreases. This translates to skin that is less supple and firm, and therefore more likely to wrinkle or cause fine lines.

Don’t be mistaken into thinking that tanning is the cause of dark spots. In fact, the ultraviolet A (UVA) component of UV rays penetrates deep into the dermis layers and over time, destroys elastin and collagen, causing premature aging, wrinkles, and saggy skin.

Look in a mirror while you make an expression that involves contorting your facial features, such as a smile, frown, or a wide-eyed stare of shock or surprise. These typical expressions are used to convey our emotions, whether consciously or unconsciously. It is precisely this repetition of habitual expressions that is the starting point of wrinkle formation.

When your skin is dry and not sufficiently moisturised, not only are the skin’s protective functions reduced, wrinkles become noticeably visible too. Such a state of aging dry skin renders the skin more susceptible to damage, negative complications and further aggravates the problem of premature aging.

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Despite the inescapability of wrinkles with age, we can delay its onset with effective wrinkle care for facial rejuvenation. For a start, maintain a basic anti-aging skincare regime to slow down the premature aging process. Proper moisturising and UV protection will help to sustain a healthy complexion so that you can continue to express yourself freely without having to worry about developing deep wrinkles!

UV rays are your skin’s worst enemy, accounting for 80% of skin aging! We continue to be exposed to UVA all year round, even on cloudy days, or while we are indoors, as it can pass through glass. For this reason, UV protection is a necessary step of your skincare routine. We recommend a sunblock with an SPF30 PA++ as the minimum requirement to be applied daily, even while at home and/or on makeup-free days.

Moisturising not only hydrates and plumps the skin’s epidermis thus preventing wrinkles from forming, softening ingredients often protect the skin from further stress and damage.

Choose skincare products that incorporate firming ingredients such as peptide and niacinamide for added benefits. Another tip when selecting a moisturiser: use lotion to hydrate the skin – milk lotions and creams provide a richer protection barrier to smoothen skin, but also lock in moisture.

It’s never too early nor too late for anti-aging care. It’s not just about wrinkle prevention, but more importantly, to have firm and supple skin for facial rejuvenation. Daily use of anti aging moisturiser and facial serum is a good introductory anti-aging care step. Alternatively, a weekly use of a sheet mask has an intensive hydrating effect to replenish moisture.

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Your eyes are the window to your soul. However, the skin around this delicate area is not only thinner, prone to dryness, but also more susceptible to wrinkles. Therefore, an eye cream is an excellent beauty investment since its ingredients are formulated for maximum benefit to this area. Beauty editors and journalists have also touted its efficacy: “the earlier one starts using eye cream for early prevention of wrinkles, the better are the results”.

Laughing creates a plethora of benefits for your mind and body such as lowered blood pressure, reduced stress levels, and an endorphin boost for an overall feeling of well-being. We should all be able to laugh without worrying! It’s the negative emotions and accompanying body language that we need to pay attention to: knitted brows, furrowed foreheads and crinkled noses… these spell the beginnings of wrinkle formation!

Take note of your habitual facial expressions – in a mirror, or reflection from your mobile phone and computer screen – and avoid a grumpy countenance where possible. One last bonus tip: getting sufficient, quality sleep and consuming vitamins will help you maintain firmness for youthful skin.

By having a daily skincare routine, you’ll not only benefit from firm and healthier skin, but also have a greater sense of happiness and confidence. It not only protects against the early onset of wrinkles, your emotions will get a healthy boost as well!

Follow this skincare regimen to improve your skin’s firmness and clarity.


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