Through the ages, beauty has been pursued by countless women – all searching for the secret to unchanging perfection.

The quest to solve this mystery was what brought us to Akita, a quiet town in Japan famed to be where women with the most beautiful complexions hail from.

In the first-ever groundbreaking study led by a beauty brand, intricate changes in the facial skin conditions of more than 100 women over 10 years were analysed, ultimately unraveling and redefining the traditional notion of beauty.
Remarkably, the ebb and flow of time was found not to be what dictates skin perfection. Instead, the fine balance of smoothness, clearness, radiance, firmness and few fine lines was discovered to be the true measure of crystal clear skin – a perfection that would stand the test of time.

SK-II’s signature ingredient, Pitera™, contains over 50 micronutrients that work deep into the skin’s surface to make these five dimensions a crystal clear reality for every woman.

It is a miracle that holds the long sought promise of beauty– one with the power to take the breath away, now and forever.


Perfection may be always defined by wrinkle resilience, refined texture, radiance, firmness and even skin tone but the journey to achieve these five dimensions is entirely unique for each individual.

At SK-II we believe in offering a holistic skincare regimen that takes into consideration your lifestyle and specific skin concerns. This desire has driven continuous innovation and advancement in our skin counselling experience.

The Magic Ring™ device is the latest in our line-up of breakthrough beauty technology across the years. A state-of-the-art skin analysis tool exclusively available at SK-II beauty counters, the Magic Ring™ helps you discover how your skin fares against the five dimensions of crystal clear skin as well as glean an understanding of what your skin age is. Used across time, SK-II users can qualify and quantify the effect of the miracle on their skin.

Our philosophy in offering such dedicated technologies for deeper insights into your skin ensures that our beauty consultants will be able to personalize a perfect regimen and support you in every step along your journey to crystal clear skin.

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